Suppliers of the finest hand crafted foods available from our forest, fields and streams in Atlantic Canada.
We sustainably harvest wild foods with decades of experience and craft small-batch gourmet goods.
Traditional foods, from a time before grocery stores, when nature provided nourishment in the most flavorful ways. 
As a chosen lifestyle, we work with the seasons to bring nature’s rarest delights to your plate.  


From the wilderness to your table...


Fiddleheads are the furled fronds of a young fern. All ferns can be called Fiddleheads, but only the Ostrich fern (Matteuccia struthiopteris) is considered to be an edible delicacy vegetable.  They are perennial, grow fast and are harvested before the fronds have opened to their full height.  They have a unique earthy flavor and sometimes compared to having an asparagus, green bean, or a spinach flavor. 
In the spring (late April through May), the dark green, tender curled heads of the fern begin to emerge from their pods/crowns, housed in a light brown papery chaff they burst out of.  Fiddleheads are pinched or snapped off close to the ground (with a stem of about 1 1/2" long).  Pods are never picked completely - leaving 2 or 3 fiddlers on the pod ensures its' survival.  

New Brunswick Coat Of Arms

We have such a long history of fiddleheads in New Brunswick, Canada that they are featured on our coat of arms from 1868!



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