Following a long tradition of foraging and wild-crafting seasonal foods, we offer an evolving line of preserves and dried products. 

Fresh cooked fiddleheads smothered in butter

Quality, value and integrity are our driving principles.

Lobster Mushroom in the forest

Our team has decades of experience harvesting nature's bounty such as fiddleheads, wild mushrooms, berries and greens.

Wild Red Raspberries


We at Boreal Wild Foods have made it our mission to bring you the most beautiful natural products from our forests and fields.  We responsibly harvest only the best fruits & fungi from the vast wilderness of Atlantic Canada. Creating easy-to-use wild-crafted products with incredible flavor is our aim.

Foods from the earth are good for the earth.  There is no tilling, fertilizing or pesticide use on our naturally pure produce.

Our products are vegan friendly and non-GMO. 


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